Themes of Geography

Our fifth grade World Cultures course uses the Five Themes of Geography as an organizational framework.  To better grasp the concepts of location, place, human-environmental interaction, movement, and region, students worked in small groups to create admissions-style videos of our school:

Armed with  inexpensive digital cameras, students took pictures around campus, added them to our growing collecting of school images, and selected the shots they felt best represented the geography themes.  Scripts were written and revised, then the projects were assembled in Photostory 3 for Windows and uploaded to Blip TV.

Although the entire process took several days, the outcomes were well worth the sustained effort.  The students’ developed an authentic understand of the themes, learned a great deal about our school, developed their technology skills, and created content for an audience beyond the classroom.

If you’d like to learn more about MICDS (or the five themes of geography), take a moment to watch a video or two; our students promise it will be time well spent!