Occupational Health – New Starter Health Screening

When recruiting new employees, carrying out Health Screening is beneficial in terms of establishing facts concerning existing medical conditions, or other potential risks, and offering advice concerning the management of safety issues in relation to any health concerns. This service enables you to accommodate for any potential issues that a new employee may have, but also means that you can avoid employing people for high risk positions that are not medically fit for the role.

There are a range of potential pre-employment assessment approaches, each of which is designed to assess your new employees’ medical fitness for the role.

Some examples of standard methods of assessment include:

• Standard Paper Screen – A paper screen looking at past and current health declarations against the requirements and risks of the role.

• Declaration Paper Screen – Utilises a covering declaration which filters only positive responses to occupational health where a standard screen is then conducted

• Standard Physical Assessment – A paper screen is conducted in conjunction with a basic physical examination of core health measurements.

• Comprehensive Physical Assessment – A paper screen is conducted in conjunction with a physical examination that factors in tests specific to the risks of the business.

No matter the assessment route the formulation of a bespoke questionnaire to match your needs will provide you with the ability to ask questions specific to the role you are employing for, to ensure that you ascertain that the candidate is medically fit for the particular role you are recruiting for.

Following the review of the questionnaire you will be provided with recommendations for what, if any, accommodations need to be made to ensure that the employee would be able to carry out the role you are hiring them for. What these assessments mean is that you can save time and money on recruitment by avoiding employing someone unfit for a role and then having to re-employee someone else to fulfil areas of the job that can’t be carried out by the new employee.

Standard and Declaration paper screening assessments often offer fast track reporting with turnaround timeframes of fewer than 48 hours. The majority of these assessments can be conducted remotely which helps to keep your costs down.

By implementing a Health Screening process you can ensure that there are no surprises when a new employee starts and you can avoid potential safety risks that may arise by employing someone medically unfit for a certain role.