7th Grade Infectious Disease Models

In order to more fully understand how an infectious disease can spread through a population, our students utilize Stella to explore the transmission of the flu. Using a simple model, students are able to manipulate factors such as the number of people initially infected with the illness, the size of the population, and the rates of infection and recovery. They make predictions, test their hypotheses, and discuss how different factors can influence and/or lead to an epidemic.


In addition to improving their understanding of disease transmission, the model also reinforces several key science skills, including the manipulation of variables and interpreting charts and graphs.

Influenza Stella Model

Get your own at Scribd or explore others: Education infectious diseases stella model

With the recent release of isee’s NetSim, our model is now available online and can be used by anyone with a Flash-enabled web browser.  Netsims can be great way to introduce students to a vareity of topics and a number of free models are available from isee and Forio Broadcast.  If you have never used simulations with your students before, I would encourage you to give them a try; the learning that occurs is truly powerful.

Note: If you would like a copy of the original Stella file please contact me.  Comments/suggestions regarding the simulation are always welcome.